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Webcams & Campus Master Plan

Suffield Academy continues to make significant progress executing its 2011 campus master plan. The plan outlined two overarching goals. The first was to better connect the academic and residential quadrangles by converting Stiles Lane into a pedestrian area and moving vehicle traffic to the perimeters of campus. The second goal was to modernize various campus facilities constructed in the 1950s. Five master plan projects are now complete—the expansion and renovation of Brewster Hall, conversion of Stiles Lane to a central campus walkway, Holcomb Science Building, Hoffman College Counseling Center, and a new road on the northern tip of campus. A major renovation to Memorial Building is now underway while the newest dormitory constructed (Brodie Hall) is being utilized as classrooms.

Suffield Academy has several web-enabled cameras showcasing the construction project of Memorial Building. It is expected to reopen September 1, 2018. Brodie Hall will then be converted into its permanent use as a dormitory with two faculty homes.

View the live feed here. To learn more about the campus master plan and how you can become involved, please visit:
Suffield Academy   185 North Main Street   Suffield, Connecticut 06078   Phone 860.386.4400  |  Fax 860.386.4411