Chapel News

Pam Autuori '08 is not your typical chapel speaker. However, the singer and co-founder of the popular Brooklyn-based rock band XNY prides herself on being just a little bit different. When she spoke to the Suffield community on February 24, she joked, "I feel like we're all a family and I'm, like, your weird cousin." Family was a central theme throughout her talk and as she explained, a big part of her identity.

While a student at Suffield, Pam credits the faculty for taking her under their wing and helping her pursue her passion: music. She also openly embraced her sexual orientation and credits the Suffield community for supporting her and showing her who she could become. "Everyone is so much happier when you're just you," said Pam. She explains that she and her bandmate/roommate, Jacob Schreiber, recently stopped trying so hard to please everyone. "We've gotten great press ever since," she said. XNY has been written up in Vogue, MTV, and Huffington Post where they were described as a band that "will knock your socks off." Jacob joined Pam for her campus visit.

Pam is one of four Autuori Suffield graduates; her siblings are Kimberly '06, Michelle '10, and Jacqueline '13. Her parents, Susan and Ed, continue to be very involved with Suffield, and Susan is a member of the school's Board of Trustees.

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