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Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day this month, Alan Palm from Alliance for Climate Education presented during Chapel on April 7. He talked about the risks of "living large" (i.e., being big consumers) and the impact that has on our planet. Alan informed the Suffield community of some alarming statistics concerning the environment. For example, he claims that the hottest days ever recorded have occurred in the past fifteen years and carbon dioxide is being produced faster than ever before. While the reality of our energy consumption and the correlation it has on recent natural disasters are frightening, Alan reminded us, "The solutions are out there. The only problem is that they are not widely distributed yet." He called on the audience for suggestions as to how we can conserve. Students' ideas included carpooling more often and using biofuel and other alternative energy sources. Alan concluded his presentation by asking the Suffield community to join "The Right to Know" campaign by texting R2K to #30644. For more information, visit:

After Chapel, Suffield students participated in various Earth Day activities with their advisors. Activities included taking nature walks, planting flowers, learning how to make flour from red wheat and farro, volunteering at Goodyear Farms, and beautifying various areas of the Suffield campus.
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