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Summer Sabbatical Presentations

Faculty members Beth Krasemann and Bill Butcher presented their summer sabbatical discoveries during Chapel on April 14.

Beth Krasemann used her sabbatical grant to research the Holocaust, which is an area of emphasis in the Foundations of Modern History classes she teaches. As part of her research, Beth traveled to Berlin, Paris, Washington D.C., and most recently to Israel to document how each place remembers the Holocaust. In her quest for world history answers, she showed images of concentration camps, memorials, and other artifacts and asked the community, "Why should we study this?" She hopes to inspire people to talk about genocide to ensure that another one never occurs. At the end of her presentation, various students in the audience stood up and spoke about why studying the history of other ethnicities is so vital. Among them was the simple fact that we need to band together as one human race and stand up for each other.

While Beth's sabbatical took her around the world, art teacher Bill stayed close to home. He updated the community about the restoration of his sailing vessel, Solomon Gundy. At 6,000 lbs. and 25-feet-long, the boat is also referred to as a "friendship sloop" which is a traditional fishing boat used to catch herring in the 1880s. Bill has been working on Solomon Gundy over the past 33 years and hopes to put her in the water this spring. "That boat is part of my identity," says Bill. To read more, visit:
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