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Annual Underclass Prize Day

On Monday, September 15, several Suffield students were recognized during the Academy’s annual Underclass Prize Day. This day honors those students who demonstrated hard work and enthusiasm during the 2013-14 school year. Each academic department awards prizes for success and improvement in the classroom and several prizes honor excellence across the curriculum, school-wide contributions, and commitment to community service and energy preservation.

The complete list of award winners is below.  

AP Scholars
Caroline Bauchiero
Abby Blyler
Lilly Flynn
Brendan Forbes
Nikhil Ghosh
Andy Guo
Julia Harris
Zico Li
Lindsay Reilly
Molly Tettemer
AP Scholars with Distinction
Seung Ho Hyun
Mark Porter

Science Department
Physics Prize: Christopher Donohue                   
Chemistry Prize: Chun To Li                  
Biology Prize: Julia Harris
Bausch & Lomb Science Medal: Caroline Bauchiero                                  
Rensselaer Mathematics & Science Medal: Nikhil Ghosh

English Department
Freshman English Prize (Most Improved): Emma Paul
Freshman English Prize (Most Improved): Pawan Virameteekul
Sophomore English Prize (Best Performance): Nicholas Pellegrini
Sophomore English Prize (Best Performance): Olivia Stanley
*Honorable Mention: Kiersten Ness, Kaitlyn Nigro
Brown Book Award (Excellence in English): Jennifer Teich
*Honorable Mention: Julia Harris
Junior English Prize (Best Essay of Literary Criticism): Gregory Pentz

Mathematics Department
Freshman Mathematics Prize: Benjamin Godin
Freshman Mathematics Prize: Jason Louro
*Honorable Mention: Isabelle Ricke and Elizabeth Sacco
Freshman Mathematics Prize (Advanced): Megan Varney
*Honorable Mention: Yash Patel, Emma Paul, Andrew Robitaille                  
Sophomore Mathematics Prize: Ha Anh Tran
*Honorable Mention: Adriana Caceres Ruiz Diaz, Cole Rogalin
Sophomore Mathematics Prize (Advanced): Sang On Park
*Honorable Mention: Niklas Hess, Joohyun Kim, Hunter Newman, Kaitlyn Nigro        
Junior Mathematics Prize: Nicholas Alfano
Junior Mathematics Prize: Abigail Blyler
*Honorable Mention: Allessandro Togni, Diana Wallace
Junior Mathematics Prize (Advanced): Brendan Forbes
Junior Mathematics Prize (Advanced): Nikhil Ghosh
*Honorable Mention: Tae Hun Kim

Language Department
Chinese Prize: Margaret O’Shea
Chinese Prize: Sang On Park
Chinese Prize (Advanced): Navaree Maleenont
French Prize: Megan Williams
French Prize: Alison Walsh
*Honorable Mention: Ha Anh Tran, Kiersten Ness
French Prize (Advanced): Emily Lowe
*Honorable Mention: Caroline Bauchiero, Lillian Flynn, Julia Harris, Gregory Pentz, Lindsay Reilly and Kimberly Meunier
Spanish Prize: Amelia Hern         
Spanish Prize: Andrew Robitaille   
Spanish Prize (Advanced): Jessie Bicknell
Spanish Prize (Advanced): Abigail Blyler
Spanish Prize (Advanced): Nikhil Ghosh

History Department
Freshman History Prize: Yash Patel
*Honorable Mention: Andrew Robitaille                  
Sophomore US History Prize: Trevor Lyne                        
*Honorable Mention: Sang On Park
Sophomore Honors US History Prize: Kaitlyn Nigro
*Honorable Mention: Margaret O’Shea, Andrew Sacco
China & East Asia Studies: Tae Hun Kim
*Honorable Mention: Navaree Maleenont
European Studies: Lindsay Reilly                         
Latin America Studies: Tyler Ersoff
*Honorable Mention: Chun To Li                          
Holy Cross Book Award-Excellence in History: David Johnston       

Music Department
Freshman: Riley Miles
Sophomore: William Robidoux
Junior: David Johnston
Jazz: Amelia Hern
Classical: Joohyun Kim
Scott Chambers Music Fellowship: Gregory Pentz
Theater Prize: Amanda Baildon and Joseph Islam

Art Department
(Visual Art)
Alison Veitch
Ha Anh Tran
*Honorable Mention: Grace Hopkins and Varisa Leeswadtrakul
Kelly Taylor

Schoolwide Prizes
Fichtenholz Award: Diana Wallace
Barnes Service Award: Julia Harris

Book Prizes
Williams Book Prize: Gregory Pentz
Harvard Book Prize: Emily Lowe
Yale Book Prize: Amanda Baildon and Nikhil Ghosh
Smith Book Prize: Abigail Blyler
Trinity Book Prize: Camila Rocha
Amherst Book Prize: Julia Harris
Dartmouth Book Prize: Kaitlyn Nigro
Mount Holyoke Book Prize: Margaret O’Shea
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