Michael Fosberg - March 2 Chapel Presentation

Actor and professor Michael Sidney Fosberg has spent the last several years delivering a very important message about race. At age 34, he discovered that his biological father was African-American. The journey this discovery led him on was both life-changing and self-affirming. "I'm black and I knew it all along!" he shouted during his theatrical Chapel performance for the Suffield community on March 2. He further explained that he always felt a deep connection to the African-American culture. Having grown up in an Armenian family, unaware of his full background, he talked about his struggle of feeling both exhilarated and confused by the news of his extended family. It introduced him to many new relatives and a culture to which he felt a strong bond yet had not been a part of for nearly three decades.

Michael's humorous yet dramatic presentation dealt with serious issues and inspired the Suffield community to think about topics related to race, identity, stereotypes, adoption, and divorce. "Now I try to embrace all of who I am," said Michael. "We should come to love all of our identities." When asked what he hopes his take-away message is for his audiences, he replied, "I'm trying to get people of all ages to think and talk about these issues and not be afraid to do it. We need to learn how to feel comfortable being uncomfortable."
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