Signature Programs

In addition to Suffield’s beautiful campus, close sense of community, and core offerings in the academic and afternoon programs, there are compelling programs unique to our school. Suffield dedicates significant resources—including time, space, and personnel—to help ensure these signature programs enrich the experiences of our students. While Suffield Academy has a variety of programs that set us apart, it is the sense of warmth and happiness found throughout campus that makes us unique. As you learn more about our four-year college counseling program, distinctive Leadership curriculum, and commitment to service and sustainability, take the time to discover what makes our community so special.

A Four Year Program

College Counseling

Opportunities for all Grades

The Leadership Program

Student Support

The Advisory Program

Community Presentations

The Chapel Program

Yoga, Meditation, and more

The Balance Barn

Outdoor Leadership Opportunities


Giving Back

Community Charity

Be honest with yourselves and picture the best you that you can envision. And then try to achieve this vision. Esse quam videri — to be rather than to seem.Charlie Cahn, Head of School