As part of a joint initiative between Development and College Counseling, juniors are invited to attend sessions with Suffield Academy alumni who have achieved success in their chosen career paths.

SuffieldConnect allows alums to support other graduates and utilize the trusted Suffield Academy environment to expand their professional networking. By fully integrating with social networks, and cultivating a culture of helping and giving back, alums can again benefit from being a part of the Suffield Academy community.


Suffield’s College Counseling and Alumni & Development Offices hosted Jasmine Brooks ’14 for a virtual discussion October 27.

Suffield’s College Counseling and Alumni & Development Offices hosted Amanda Leonard '14 for a virtual discussion September 29.

Development and College Counseling hosted Tyler St. Pierre ’07 for the year’s sixth college-to-career discussion.

Development and College Counseling hosted Brendan Moss ’08 for the year’s fifth college-to-career discussion.

Development & College Counseling hosted Callie Jacobs Aldrich ’10 for the year’s fourth college-to-career talk.

Development and College Counseling hosted Mariam Ibrahim ’13 for the year’s third college-to-career discussion.

Development and College Counseling hosted Denison Smythe ’14 for the year’s third college-to-career discussion.

Development & College Counseling hosted Dan Bennett ’16 for the year’s second college-to-career talk.

Account Manager
Amanda Leonard ’14

Amanda spoke about breaking out of her shell to become more confident in an effort to most strongly articulate herself, as she entered a career that required strong and consistent communication. She is the Account Manager for the Colorado Rockies, working on building and maintaining brand partnerships.

General Manager
Tyler St. Pierre ’07

Tyler highly recommended pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone to expand your horizons personally and professionally, while also being the most authentic version of yourself. He is currently the General Manager at The Britely Social Club, overseeing all Food & Beverage operations for the club, as well as operations across the entire property.

Associate at AlpInvest
Peter Derby ’14

Peter spoke about how the college search experience should be organic, and that it's important not to pigeonhole oneself when right out of college. He is an Associate on the Carlyle | AlpInvest Co-investments Team based in New York. Prior to joining AlpInvest, Peter was an Investment Banking Analyst at Guggenheim Securities in the Restructuring Group, where he advised companies and stakeholders across a range of industries on complex restructurings, financings, and mergers and acquisitions. 

Chief of Staff
Brendan Moss ’08

Brendan spoke about the value of being able to concisely write and summarize information, as well as how to focus on both what you like and don’t like about the opportunities you experience. Over the last seven years, he has held various positions working for Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, including Governor’s Press Secretary and the Chief of Staff for the Executive Office of Administration and Finance. 

Associate Creative Director
Callie Jacobs (Aldrich) ’10

Callie emphasized the importance of finding a school that offers the best path for you, rather than trying to go to a school because you think it’s prestigious or you “should.” She is currently the Associate Creative Director at FCB, one of the largest global advertising agency networks, managing a team of designers and creatives.

M.B.A. Engineering Student
Mariam Ibrahim ’13

Mariam shared how important it is to do what interests you in college, even if your interests lie in multiple vastly different areas. She left IBM in 2021 as a Senior Data Scientist for graduate school and is currently pursuing her M.B.A. and master’s in mechanical engineering at MIT.

Production Coordinator
Dan Bennett ’16

Dan discussed what to look for when selecting a college, mentioning that it's about where you think you'll find the best fit and be the best version of yourself. He also reminded students that the right opportunities come along when they're meant to. Dan is currently at ViacomCBS as a Production Coordinator, Multiplatform Production Group - Kids and Family. 

Associate General Counsel
Juan Arreaza ’06

Juan reminded students that their process doesn’t end just because they choose a college or a graduate school or a career, and that you don’t have to have it all figured out right away. He is currently the Associate General Counsel at JLG Industries, after majoring in political science at The George Washington University.

Marketing Coordinator
Denison Smythe ’14

Denny spoke about her college search experience, giving listeners advice about how there is no “right” school to choose, and how whatever school you decide to go to is probably the right place to be. She is currently the Marketing Coordinator with Charlotte Football Club, supporting the Marketing, Sponsorship, Ticketing, and Communications teams.

Vice President of Artist and Repertoire
Tyler Arnold ’10

Tyler recommended some of the simple ideas that made a huge difference in his life to the junior class, from demonstrating that you want to be where you are every day to doing the little things that you love. He has worked at Republic Records in NYC since 2014, making his way up the ladder from intern to Vice President for A&R.

Vice President, Municipal Finance Investment Banking
Kirsten Chalke ’08

Kirsten focused on the importance of finding a place that is a good fit, and not to be worried if you have to try a few different things to discover what is best. She also advocated for taking chances and always being willing to learn. She currently works at Jeffries in municipal finance investment banking. 

Operations Manager
Izzara Ugarte ’14

Izzara spoke about not limiting yourself in terms of considering colleges. She attended the University of San Francisco for one year before realizing she wanted a more hands-on experience, which Les Roches Marbella in Spain could offer her. She now works as the Operations Manager for Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort, her family’s business in the Philippines.

Senior Facilitator
Jackie Pannell Zinck ’04

Jackie urged the junior class to take advantage of their college counselors to help make decisions on where to go for undergrad, and then to truly get to know the different people they meet along their paths. She followed her passion for sports and community into the Senior Facilitator role at the Institute for Sport and Social Justice and is also the Director of Justice Strategies at the Edward E. Haddock Jr. Family Foundation.

Creative Strategist
Jamel Torrence ’12

Jamel talked about the importance of hard work, internships, and perseverance, and how he realized that even though he loved sports, education would last longer than athleticism. That said, he is the Creative Strategist at CSM Sports & Entertainment, and so was able to combine his passions for sports and writing into his career.