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SMARTTRACK® College Funding High School Initiative
Most families are surprised to learn that with a little planning, they can significantly lower out-of-pocket college costs, maximize grants and scholarships, and minimize debt. We’re providing the SMARTTRACK® College Funding High School Initiative to assist our families with the financial piece of college planning. If you’re concerned that you won’t qualify for financial aid, haven’t saved enough, or don’t have an effective plan to cover the considerable costs of educating all your children, SMARTTRACK® can help.

Smarttrack College Funding

Career Discussion Series
SuffieldConnect is a career and major exploration discussion series hosted by the College Counseling and Development offices. Each term, Suffield alums are scheduled to speak with interested juniors about their careers, college major choices, and experiences at Suffield Academy. As part of this year’s Junior Leadership course, students are offered nine sessions.

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