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Suffield students are passionate about making a positive impact on the world. This philosophy lies at the heart of the school’s noted Leadership Program. In addition to this, Suffield students annually select a charity to support with a series of campus-wide fundraisers. Students nominate several organizations and a school-wide vote determines the recipient. The fundraising activities provide annual highlights for the community and provide Suffield students a platform to give back as leaders. Suffield students have raised over $500,000 in the past decade in support of various charities.

Community Outreach
This is an after-school program designed to offer students an alternative to sports for one term each year. This is a positive way for students to meet their afternoon program requirement. Students volunteer in a variety of settings: after-school programs, working with the elderly, helping at the public library, or training for ambulance volunteer programs.


2021-2022 Community Charity

In their own words, the mission of Dove Youth Development is to be a community of hope and love that engages and inspires Dominican and Haitian children living in poverty to discover new ways of being and living through education. 

Founded by Liz Rooney in 2007, Dove Youth Development creates a wide range of educational and developmental programs for children, provides services for kids that are focused on personal growth, health, and education, and allows students the opportunity to learn, laugh, and share positive experiences within their Community/Youth Development Center. The program relies on sponsorship, volunteering, and donations to help break the cycle of poverty through education. 
We are super excited for our school community to get the chance to work alongside Dove Youth Development and raise as much money as we can to help them in all ways possible.
Hannah skalski ’22 and Devon carty ’22
This nonprofit organization seeks to improve the lives of the most underprivileged children in Puerto Plata by broadening their horizons through learning, art, music, dance, community, and love. Every day, the devoted staff show up first and foremost for the children, changing their lives for the better through their kindness and dedication. Each donation and sponsorship to Dove Youth Development genuinely changes a life and makes an immense difference to these kids. The fundraising goals for this year include raising money to sponsor a child, to contribute to the expansion of their academic curriculum, and to help the organization renovate their building. 

On behalf of herself and Devon Carty ’22, Hannah Skalski ’22, said, “Devon and I wanted to thank you all for voting and choosing Dove Youth Development to be the school charity this year! We are super excited for our school community to get the chance to work alongside Dove Youth Development and raise as much money as we can to help them in all ways possible. We will keep you all updated with fundraising events, as well as the progress we make as a school community.”

To donate to this charity, please click here. You should select Suffield Academy Fundraiser under the ‘Apply My Donation To’ dropdown on the page.

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