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Sarah Finnie Robinson 187th Commencement Speaker [read more]

Suffield Academy
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Wishing all the 2020 grads a happy virtual graduation 🎓
-Tamara Kribs [Colt Jarvis's mom]

Congratulations Class of 2020!
-Never miss a chance to travel.
-Keep lists of books you want to read.
-Subscribe to your local paper, donate to your local public radio station, and vote!
-Ted Fuller '05

Congratulations Ethan!! The Class of 2020 Graduation is undeniably unique! It’s unfortunate that you and your friends cannot celebrate this special milestone in more traditional ways. Yet don’t let that diminish the significance of this moment. You have come so incredibly far since we helped you move into your first dorm room four years ago. Thank you so much to Hillary Cahn and to the Suffield Academy community for being such an amazing, nurturing place for Ethan to grow and develop as a young man. In the spirit expressed last night by the Commencement speaker, Sarah Finnie Robinson, living through this moment in this unusual and challenging way has silver linings many of which we may not understand for years to come. Ethan, it has given me deep appreciation for you, for everything you have accomplished, for everything that makes you you, and it makes me truly grateful for these wonderful formative years you’ve spent on Bell Hill. So proud of you!!! Very excited for your next chapter in Montana! Bozeman and Big Sky, look out!! 
-Kimberly Munn [Ethan's mom] 

Elizabeth, Nelson '20 and Earl McMillen celebrated  Suffield's Commencement at home [Newport, RI]

#SA2020 #behindthescenes

Nick Selvitelli and Gabriella Tosone

Our families gathered on the Selvitelli patio for the virtual graduation. We missed being with the entire Class of 2020 but it was great to at least celebrate with another classmate and family. So very proud of all of you! #suffieldforlife
-Selvitelli and Tosone Families

I can’t imagine how disappointed you must be not celebrating such an important achievement at such a great institution. The lack of ceremony may fade, but the memories of all your experiences will not. Good luck on your future endeavors. We will need to rely upon you.
-Ned Smith ’64

#SuffieldForLife #SA2020

To the class of 2020: Together, through your shared experiences, you’ve created a bond. Playing on the field or the stage, learning in the classroom, cheering on the stands, sharing a meal in Brewster, hanging out in the union. But bonding doesn’t only happen when you’re together or only during good times. It also happens when you face adversity and it happens when you are apart and then you realize that the closeness is not only still there, but it's stronger. These bonds are for life!  Congratulations and best of luck as you begin a new chapter in your life!
-Flevotomos Family
So grateful for a place like Suffield and I'm glad I got to share it with my sister Sophia '20!
-India Shay '18
Tim - You did it! We are very proud of you. We are proud of you for completing a high school career filled with many, many ups and yes some downs. To be clear though, many many more ups than downs. Though we fear sounding cliche, we are going to say felt like yesterday when we dropped you off at boarding school. Yes, your mom and I were an emotional wreck (in my whisper voice ’she’d never admit it’). Wow! A major milestone reached and you are on the cusp of moving to the next phase of your development and growth. Tim, we can safely say that your success is a testimony to your strong will, great character and insatiable desire to win the day. Son, you have won this day; high school. God willing you will move on and win the next day; college. We thank the village that had a hand in helping you; those helping hands that strengthened and sharpened you. Most of all, we thank God for guiding and protecting you along the way.
-The Bell Family

Suffield dedicates The Bell to the Class of 2020 #SuffieldForLife


We are excited to be able to celebrate Nick’s graduation with the rest of our family at one of our favorite restaurants this Sunday. Bangkok has only recently allow guests to dine-in at restaurants, so it will be a real treat after months of eating at home. Although we are not able to be at Suffield, we've arranged for custom made balloons in orange and black Suffield colors w tiger stripes. A little reminder of life at Suffield for Nick. We would like to congratulate the Class of 2020!! We could not be more proud of you, your hardwork and accomplishments. We wish you the best! Shine Bright!!
-Sukosol-Briones Family


Dear Class of 2020,
We wish we were with all of you this morning on campus. We look forward to seeing your photos as you watch tonight and celebrate this memorable time of your lives. Best wishes to you all!
-Gary and Diane Powers

Waleed, Kathryn and Kareem '20 Moumina celebrated Suffield's Commencement at home [Saudi Arabia]

You deserved more and I’m heartbroken for you. Hold your memories of Suffield close but remember that you’re about to start an even bigger, better adventure. Learn from this experience and no matter what you do next, do it to the best of your abilities. Take every opportunity offered to you and have no regrets. There is always a silver lining, let your newfound appreciation for your health, friendships, and the freedom to do whatever you wish be the silver lining in these unprecedented and scary times. I wish you every success and happiness in the next stage of your life. Stay safe, be true to yourself, grow, learn everything you can, and make Suffield proud.
-Morgan Islam '17