Academic Difficulties

Reports are reviewed at the end of each marking period by the student’s advisor, the Dean of Academics & Faculty, or an Assistant Academic Dean. Any student who is having academic difficulty should discuss the situation with his or her advisor and the teacher[s] involved, and every effort should be made to establish patterns and strategies to guide academic progress.

Any student failing a class or earning two or more D-range grades with fair or poor effort ratings may be placed on academic review. If this situation continues for a second term, the student will be placed on academic warning. This action indicates that a serious academic situation exists; in such cases, the school is not confident that the student can successfully complete the academic program or adequately satisfy the standards for academic promotion.

The academic basis for student promotion is a conviction on the part of the faculty that the student will be able to manage the next level of academic work. Students may not be invited back to Suffield for the following academic year if it becomes clear that they are not making academic progress or are unable to manage the level of challenge presented by the curriculum.