Major School Rules

The intent of school discipline is to educate students about expectations of citizenship and to help students live in concert with the values of the community.

In all cases of misconduct by a student, the school reserves the right to respond in accordance with the seriousness of the action, subject to mitigating circumstances. In addition, any disciplinary procedure will depend on the severity of the offense and the past record of the individual. Students must realize there are consequences for their actions, and that the disciplinary system is an avenue for building character. As such, it is crucial for students to understand the value of being held accountable within this framework.

Note: The Head of School may, at any time, dismiss a student whose conduct or actions are incongruent with the school mission or are destructive to self or to the school as a whole.

Demerits & Absences

The administration of the disciplinary system is the responsibility of all faculty and staff members. Administrators, teachers, dorm parents, and coaches have a primary responsibility to enforce the disciplinary system as they see fit—in the classrooms, in the dorms, on the athletic field, in the dining hall, etc. If a student receives a demerit, he or she has committed a social offense such as—but not limited to—using inappropriate language, dress code violations or failing to submit vacation information in a timely fashion. All situations of this nature will be directed to the Dean of Students & Campus Life office for final adjudication.

Class/Study Hall/Chapel Absence

A student not present or 15 or more minutes late when attendance was taken is considered absent. Students and their advisors are notified of absences through the email service. In an attempt to ensure academic integrity, the Dean of Students & Campus Life office logs all absences, excused or unexcused. When absences in any course become excessive, a student and his or her parents will be asked to meet with the Dean of Students & Campus Life to discuss the problem. Subsequent absences will call into question a student’s willingness to meet fundamental academic and citizenship expectations of the Suffield community. The student will receive a 2.0 hour detention for each unexcused absence he or she incurs. After four unexcused absences in one term, the student may appear before the Discipline Committee.

Athletics/Community Service/Meal Absence

The student will receive a two-hour detention for each absence. If a pattern of absenteeism continues, the Dean of Students & Campus Life, the student’s advisor, and the student will meet to discuss the situation, and a visit to the Discipline Committee may be recommended.

By Assignment

If a faculty member finds a student in obvious disregard of school policy, he or she reserves the right to assign the student to detention. Failure to do homework, submit work on time, inappropriate use of study hall time, and repeated dorm violations are a few of the offenses that warrant the application of this clause.


Community Rules & Expectations

Suffield has community expectations; each student must keep the following rules at the forefront of his or her mind. One fundamental expectation is that students be honest in all pursuits. Students must also show respect for faculty, employees, and fellow students at all times. Moreover, a Suffield student may be asked to leave the community if he or she is unable to live by the expectations listed as follows:

Disciplinary Responses