Health & Wellness

The school’s philosophy is to promote in its students the pursuit of wellness. Wellness is not simply the absence of illness; instead, it means actively choosing behaviors that enable one to enjoy optimal health by making intelligent lifestyle decisions. It is important to note that wellness denotes more than physical well-being; mental and emotional health are also constitutive of the wellness model.

The building blocks of wellness include a nutritious diet, physical fitness, safety, sleep, weight control, and the absence of harmful substances [including tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs]. Other important elements are healthy relationships, stress management, self-control, and effective communication. Health Services at Suffield are committed to teaching and enabling students to care for their minds, spirits, and bodies in an intentional and preventative manner.

The Health Center, located in the bottom floor of Rockwell Hall, provides 24-hour healthcare under the supervision of the school physician and registered nurses. A board-certified pediatrician provides health care services to students on an as-needed basis. The Academy will make every attempt to contact parents prior to a student needing the doctor’s services.

If a student is covered by his or her parents’ medical insurance plan, parents must determine whether the school physician is covered under their specific plan for the bills to be covered by insurance. The doctor’s office staff will take the appropriate insurance information and will submit claims to the insurance company if the insurance company has a U.S. address. In the event that their insurance company will not cover a student’s visit, the bill is the parents’ responsibility. Unpaid bills will be sent to the Academy and will be charged to the student if not paid in a reasonable amount of time.