Medical Policies & Approaches

COVID-19 Vaccination Protocol

  • All students must meet the State of Connecticut Immunization Requirements for their grade and must be vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • For students who obtain a medical or religious exemption for the COVID-19 vaccine there may be masking requirements or restrictions on other activities depending on several factors and this policy will be at the school's discretion.

Please contact Patrick Booth, Chief Financial Officer for medical or religious exemption requests.

The Health Center can be reached by telephone at 860-386-4503. If the center is closed, a recorded message at that number will provide instructions on how to reach assistance, including reaching the on-call nurse by cell phone at 860-463-5805. The school physician holds clinic hours in the center on Thursdays from 7:30 am to 9:30 am and is available at other times off campus when his services are needed.

  • Barring an emergency, students should seek medical attention and treatment outside of school commitments, such as class.
  • For emergencies occurring when the Health Center is closed, students should report to the dormitory parent or another faculty member to reach the nurse on call.
  • Special treatments, other than those provided by the school, must be arranged through the Health Center staff or by parents and communicated to the Health Center staff.
  • Regular and routine visits to doctors or dentists should be taken care of during school vacations or on regular weekend leaves. Elective [non-urgent] surgeries should be scheduled during school vacations. Parents requesting special permission for students to leave school on other occasions for medical appointments should contact the Dean of Students & Campus Life well in advance and should also notify the Health Center.
  • If parents prefer to have their child see another physician in the area, they must notify the Health Center. Parents are responsible for making their own insurance arrangements in this case. The school tries to offer transportation to students for off-campus medical appointments. The $30 per-hour fee is charged to the student. Please contact the Health Center with any questions.

General Rules

Situations Requiring Medical Attention

Medical Leave of Absence