Campus Limits

The Suffield Academy campus has limits beyond which students need specific permission to travel.

Northern Limits
Going north on Main Street, the campus extends to Marbern Drive. On campus, the northern boundary is Hornick Dorm.

Western Limits
To the west, students may travel the cross-country running course and the playing fields and may walk to the Courtney Robinson Outdoor Leadership Center, but all wooded land on the west side of campus is off limits.

Eastern Limits
On the east side of campus, students may go to the playing fields and the tennis courts but may not travel to any wooded land on the east side of Route 75.

Southern Limits
Students may travel southeast as far as Suffield Village and Bridge Street and southwest on Mountain Road to the shopping center and CVS. Access to Mountain Road is either south on High Street or through the Centurion parking lot.

Off Limit Areas
Day students’ homes are off limits without specific permission from the Dean of Students & Campus Life. Additionally, the following areas are off limits:

  • The parking lot and the cemetery of the First Church of Christ on High Street
  • The areas south of the Fire Station and Town Hall, with the exception of CVS
  • The wooded area between Centurion parking lot and the Dunkin’ Donuts plaza

Leaving Campus
During the week [Monday through Saturday morning], no student may leave the campus without specific permission from the Dean of Students & Campus Life. If transportation is provided by automobile, departure must comply with rules stated in the 2021-2022 Student & Parent Handbook.