Formal Afternoon Program

The On-Campus Work Program is a vital part of Suffield life. The program seeks to promote pride in the school, respect for other people and their efforts, a sense of responsibility and leadership, and a clean, attractive campus. It also reduces the cost of operating and maintaining the school so that we may provide many other programs that also add to our life at Suffield.

Every student in the Suffield community is expected to have an on-campus work assignment each term. Work assignments are made by the work coordinator and are supervised by faculty, staff, and student inspectors. Work assignments are made based on a student’s academic schedule. The work assignments touch on many different aspects of life in a working academic community. The following is a list of areas where work assignments might be made: dining services, library, snack bar, Admissions Office, Health Center, bookstore, mail room, Dean of Students & Campus Life office, and fitness center.

The performance of an assigned job takes precedence over all activities except for academic classes and athletic games and practices. Failure to report for a work assignment or poor performance therein will result in disciplinary action. An absence from a work assignment will result in a two-hour detention on Saturday night. Arriving late for a work assignment will result in a tardy which, when three have been accumulated, will result in an absence. Work assignments are made before the beginning of each term and emailed to students.

Students have the opportunity to request a specific assignment by signing up with the on-campus work coordinator. All student requests are reviewed and, when possible, are honored.

Chapel Program
Students and faculty meet together as a community each Monday afternoon. Not a religious service, chapel serves as an important community meeting. A central part of it is the senior speaker series, where each member of the graduating class presents to the community. These talks are supplemented by annual events and guest speakers.