Weekend & Day Leaves

Weekends at Suffield are a wonderful time to socialize on campus with other students and faculty members. We encourage all students to remain on campus to take advantage of the activities offered.

The first two weekends of the academic year, as well as weekends following the three extended school vacations [Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring], are closed. This means that students are not allowed to leave the campus during these blocks of time. Other weekends during the year may also be closed to allow the entire school community to be together for special events. Families will be notified in advance of these dates. Other than these occasions, students in good standing may take an unlimited number of weekend leaves. A student may, however, lose weekend privileges for disciplinary reasons.

Boarding students are not allowed to keep cars on campus, nor may they store them in the surrounding area. While at school, boarding students are not allowed to drive, nor are they allowed to drive with others except as described in the boarding students section. In extremely special circumstances involving family emergencies, athletic specials, or internships, boarding students may be allowed the short-term, temporary use of an automobile. Permission must be sought in advance from the Dean of Students & Campus Life, the car must be formally registered with the dean, and the car keys must be kept by the dean or the dorm parent.

Guests on Campus
Suffield is well known for its courtesy to visitors on campus, and everyone’s aid and consideration in making guests feel welcome is appreciated. If a student has a guest, the following procedures apply:

  • With permission from the Dean of Students & Campus Life office, guests can visit during the day or on weekends to enjoy scheduled activities with our students. Guests should be accompanied at all times by the host or hostess.
  • While on campus, the non-Suffield guest must abide by school rules, including those regarding dress code.

Permission & Guidelines for Student Leave