As part of a joint initiative between Development and College Counseling, juniors are invited to attend sessions with Suffield Academy alumni who have achieved success in their chosen career paths.

SuffieldConnect allows alums to support other graduates and utilize the trusted Suffield Academy environment to expand their professional networking. By fully integrating with social networks, and cultivating a culture of helping and giving back, alums can again benefit from being a part of the Suffield Academy community.


Sports Media Manager
Erin Paige Orr Ligay ’02

Erin discussed her exciting journey working in the sports media industry for ESPN. Erin stressed hard work and shared the many adventures she has had over 14 years with the company. Additionally, Erin was a key contributor to the launch and success of ESPN’s SEC Network operations. Erin currently works as a manager of college basketball at ESPN in Bristol, Connecticut.

Matthew Shifrin ’05

Matt discussed his passion for business and finding the next big opportunity. He stressed passion, patience, networking, and constantly messaging your vision. Most recently he has lined up investors for his foray into the cannabis field in Colorado. Prior to this he was involved with Breckenridge Distillery and worked for Jarden Corporation in their health services arm bringing Billy Boy condoms to the United States from Germany.

Medical Doctor
Sydney Greenberg ’07

Sydney spoke to the juniors about balancing school and sports as a Division I field hockey player. She also discussed her decision to attend medical school and gave some insight into the process of getting residency and the cost of education. Sydney is a medical doctor in North Carolina.

Ayurvedic Doctor
David McConaghay ’04

Dave discussed his journey to become a practitioner of Ayurveda, Vedic astrology, and Yoga philosophy. He encouraged students to ask big questions of themselves, seek feedback from friends and mentors, and trust their own sense of curiosity to lead them in the best direction on their journeys through school and life. David lives in Denver, Colorado and is currently pursuing a doctorate in divinity. His thesis project is titled Multi-Dimensional Medicine.

Alessandra Perna Carullo ’07

Alessandra talked about finding her passion for law and changing her trajectory to pursue a new field. She also discussed the importance of networking and getting involved in professional organizations. Alessandra is an attorney for Morrison Mahoney in Hartford, Connecticut.

Steven Marangos ’07

Steve discussed working in the financial world of New York City. He focused on the determination and effort it takes to get the job you want and the importance of networking. Steve also advised the juniors on making the college experience meaningful by determining what is important to them. Steve is currently working for the Blackstone Group.